17 Jun 2012, 9:50pm
preschool Tiny & Buba:

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School’s Out!

Last Friday was Tiny and Buba’s last day of preschool. It was also my last parent helping day of the year. I can’t say enough good things about their first year of preschool. We all enjoyed the experience tremendously and are looking forward to returning for another year in the fall.

photos from the last day

Although our school year has ended, there won’t be much slowing down in the days ahead. Buba and Tiny are used to getting up each weekday morning having someplace to go and something to do. T and I found out during February break that they really aren’t interested in any quiet, lazy days at home. So, we’ve purposely planned a busy summer filled with things that will keep both Buba and Tiny moving and happy.

First up, is a week of sports camp for preschoolers right in our own town. They’ll go all five mornings that week, and will have the opportunity to learn to play soccer, t-ball, hockey, and cooperative games. A few weeks later, they’ll go to teddy bear camp- a traditional arts and crafts/singing/swimming/game playing camp for preschoolers. They’ll go all five mornings to this camp as well, and have the option of staying for lunch (which I’m thinking we might go for at least once or twice). And then a few weeks later they’ll go back to their preschool for a 4-day bubble themed camp. It’s a half-day camp too, but it has a later pick-up time and includes lunch every day.

In addition, Tiny and Buba will continue a one hour weekly gymnastics class through the summer (though, at a new gym, as our current one doesn’t offer weekly classes in the summer), and we have two weeks where we’ll be entertaining family visiting from afar. We’ve also got a couple of mini-vacations planned for just the four of us (something we’ve not yet done). And we’re already scheduling playdates into July. Throw in some mornings at the gym playroom (while I do workouts) and some afternoons hanging out at the local pools, and it looks like we’ve pretty much got everything covered.

So, yes, it’s looking like we’ll be pretty busy this summer. But with so much to look forward to, I’m not worried at all. Let the summer fun begin!

Bye-Bye Summer!

The official beginning of fall is still weeks away, but today we said good-bye to summer vacation. Tomorrow T will go back to teaching, and Tiny, Buba, and I will begin to reestablish our school year schedule and routines. All in all, we had a great summer (not counting the two weeks of Hand, Foot, and Mouth Disease- of course!). The kids went to their first carnival, we snuck in trips to the nearby farms and the zoo, and we had a great time swimming at Grandpa’s pool this past month.

But this summer was also crazy busy for me. I took on more students and more hours than I ever have for private tutoring, and my schedule was all over the place as I tried to fit kids in around their camps, playdates, and scheduled activities. Some days I’d be teaching at 7:30am, while other days, I didn’t have a session until 11am. One day I’d have three or four students in a row, the next I’d have two in the morning and one in the afternoon, and the next I’d have just one student all day. It was a lot to keep track of and a lot to prepare for. So, I was really glad that this past Friday was my last day of summer tutoring.

However, I’m going right from summer tutoring into fall tutoring with no break at all. Tomorrow my fall schedule begins, but at least I’ll be back to just one hour a day. I’m so grateful for all the families who hired me and kept us afloat all summer while T (and his paycheck!) were on vacation. But I’m also so glad to be going back to more predictable days.

We ended our summer vacation with a weekend full of family fun. Yesterday we hit a couple of yard sales (and picked up a Madeline tea set for $2!) before heading over to our twin club’s summer event at a sprinkler park in our town. The kids had a great time running through the sprinklers and fountains before snagging a spot at the picnic tables and wolfing down hot dogs, veggie chips, grapes, and brownies at the potluck lunch. (Seriously, I’m not sure there was any chewing going on. That food just disappeared!) This morning we ran errands. I got an 80 minute swedish massage while the kids were napping (a reward for all my hard work this summer :o ), and then we spent the afternoon at the pool with Grammy and Grandpa. Both Tiny and Buba were clearly very comfortable in the kiddie pool, as well as the shallow end of the big pool, which has convinced me that we must get them Y memberships and keep the swimming going as much as we can.

I know tomorrow will begin a period of adjustment for everyone. This year, I expect the kids to have a harder time with T going back to work than in years past. But I’m sure it won’t be long before we’re all back into the school year groove of things. And I’m really looking forward to it.

But It’s Still Summer, Isn’t It?

We’ve done almost no swimming this summer. When T’s school let out on June 22nd, we started talking about taking the kids to “Grandpa’s pool” (the pool and tennis club where Grandpa is a lifetime member), but the conditions were never right. It was too cold, Tiny had an owie, it was too hot and way too humid, I was working, the kids were sick- it just never seemed to work out.

But during the two weeks that we suffered through Hand, Foot, and Mouth Disease, the kids continued to ask about going to Grandpa’s pool. We told them that they couldn’t go until everyone was healthy again. That day finally came on Friday, and so on Saturday, we finally took the kids to Grandpa’s pool for the first time this summer. And this was when I discovered that Tiny’s swimsuit doesn’t really fit.

I bought it back in March- online from The Children’s Place. It was a little big, but not much and I figured she’d grow a bit in the next few months. I liked it because it had short sleeves (better protection from the sun) and ruffles on the butt (just so cute!)

The suit fits okay as long as it’s dry, but as soon as it gets soaked, the bottom part sags. I had to constantly pull the bottom half up so we wouldn’t get kicked out of Grandpa’s pool for indecent exposure. With the California cousins coming into town on Wednesday, I knew we’d be back at the pool several more times this week, so this afternoon we headed off to the mall in search of a new swimsuit for Tiny,

But of course, there are no swimsuits for sale in August. August is for back to school shopping, and the stores have already put out their fall displays- racks of jeans and cords and long sleeved shirts and sweatshirts. I get that some may want a jump on putting together a killer fall wardrobe for those first weeks back in the classroom, but hey, it’s still summer isn’t it?

T and I dragged Tiny and Buba from store to store (The Children’s Place, Sears, Gymboree, Hanna Andersson, Baby Gap, and Macy’s). Only Gymboree and Sears had swimsuits in Tiny’s size (size 12 months!) and that amounted to three options. We ended up buying a pale pink one-piece ¬†from Sears (which cost $5 more than the one I bought in March!) that I don’t love, but that work for the next month. After purchasing the suit, we also checked Kohl’s, Carter’s, and the Disney Store, but none of those stores had any suits left either. I was thinking of making a trip up to Target tomorrow morning, but then I had this conversation with Tiny:

r: What do you think of your new swimsuit?

T: It’s good.

r: Do you love it?

T: I love it (said very unenthusiastically). I piddy sure I don’t need anodur one (she said with a tired grin).

I got the message. She doesn’t want to shop anymore. She doesn’t want to try on any more swimsuits. This one will do. However, when we talked to Grammy about our shopping adventure on the phone after dinner tonight, she said she’d check two more places, and I didn’t tell her not too.