Just the Highlights: March, April, May

In March we had a wonderful time celebrating Tiny and Buba’s 4th birthday. We rented the studio space at the kids’ preschool and had a Zumba birthday party with some of their closest friends. Everyone had a great time dancing the day away. And the day after her 4th birthday, Tiny mastered the monkey bars!

Zumba Party

March 7th- We are 4!

Monkeying Around


In April, Buba and Tiny returned to T’s school to greet the new batch of spring chicks in one of the kindergarten classrooms. But the major event of the month was our trip to Paradise Island. Unfortunately, the kids we sick on and off throughout the whole trip, but we still managed to pack in some fun.

Spring Chicks



May was busy, but more low-key. When the weather was nice, we played outside as much as possible.

More Monkeying Around

Diggin’ in the Dirt


15 Mar 2012, 8:05pm
Tiny & Buba:

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Perfect Kite Flying Day

Last Thursday, the weather was so warm and windy, we just couldn’t resist taking our kite out to some nearby soccer fields. It was windy enough that the kite pretty much flew itself if you just kept running with it. Buba and Tiny loved it!

After they each ran with the kite close to a dozen times, we decided to head over to the playground next to the fields, where my tiny girl decided she was ready to do this…

Tiny has been wanting to do the monkey bars by herself for a while now, and I’ve kept insisting that she wasn’t big enough to do them all by herself. I guess she proved me wrong!