Humpty Dumpty Sat on a Wall (Giveaway)

I realize that nursery rhymes are not everyone’s cup of tea, but I actually don’t mind them. Which is good because Buba and Tiny are really into them right now. They know several dozen of them at this point (from books and CDs) and even have some favorites- Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Ba Ba Black Sheep, and The Grand Old Duke of York, just to name a few. Besides the fact that they’re short and simple, and therefore easy for Tiny and Buba to learn, we also like the fact that it’s easy for us to incorporate the bits of sign language we know while singing them.

A while back, I was thinking about introducing my kids to a few children’s television programs, but shortly after, I found that my kids were just as entertained by their CD of nursery rhymes. I can put the music on in the kitchen and they’ll sit on the floor acting out the rhymes or dancing with their baby dolls to the music. This activity easily buys me 20-30 minutes of time to prepare a meal, clean up the kitchen, or even just enjoy my own breakfast or lunch in peace (which means that we are still TV free). And the best part is, not only do they find these rhymes entertaining, but these nursery rhymes are actually helping them build early literacy skills.

We have several different nursery rhyme CDs, but the current favorite is Humpty Who? that come with a book (with the same title) by Jennifer Griffin. And we’d love to send you and your little one(s) a copy too!

To enter to win your own copy of the book and CD Humpty Who? all you have to do is one (or all) of the following:

1. Leave a comment on this post telling me your child’s (or your) favorite nursery rhyme.

2. Leave another comment on this post telling me what other children’s CDs your kids enjoy listening to. (Yes, I enjoy the nursery rhymes, but I’d like them to have exposure to other genres of music too!)

3. Mention my giveaway in your own blog post (be sure to provide a link to this giveaway post), and then post the link to your blog as another comment on this post.

All comments must be left on this post to be eligible to win a copy of Humpty Who?, and all entries must be posted by 9pm (Eastern Stanard Time) on Tuesday, May 4th. Thanks for entering and good luck!

The babes love Hickory Dickory Dock, and The Ants Go Marching. They also like when we play “baby” and I wrap them up and rock and sing Rock a by Baby.

We actually listen to the cable music a lot. Either the toddler channel, or the Golden Oldies channel. But we do have a weakness in our house for the Glee soudtracks! As soon as we put them on the kids will bob their heads and “dance”.

Ooh, fun! The song of choice to sing to babies around here is Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star, which I think will be an appropriate song to use to teach my girls the concept of a round.

Kids’ music we like: The Biscuit Brothers (yes, you knew that already!), Laurie Berkner, the Wiggles, Twin Spin, Peter and the Wolf (London Symphony Orchestra recording), and this gem a college friend sent us. Last night, Jess sang Laurie Berkner’s “Thunderstorm” to Daddy over Skype, while Melody chose the Biscuit Brothers’ “I am Singing Softly.”

heh, I had the same response as Sadia “ooh, fun!” :)

Logan is BIG into Twinkle, Twinkle right now.

We like listening to Laurie Berkner, Elmopalooza, The Muppets, and Baby Boogie. They also really like the baby Einstein classical music CDs. I also make sure that they listen to some of “my” music so that they’re not shocked when I get sick of theirs ;)

28 Apr 2010, 4:22pm
by Heather

The Girls LOVE bah bah black sleep and rock back and forth when I sing it…they even give a bah every now and then!!!

Oh, I smooshed two comments together. Here’s a space-filler.

We really like Baa Baa Black sheep, If your happy and you know it, and twinkle twinkle little star. Michael will actually say Baa, which for him is huge! All 3 kids will also follow directions in if you’re happy and you know it. We are listening to Baby Genius Favorite Children’s Songs. We always listen to it in the car.

My 2.5 y/o son loves doing finger plays and songs with actions. Our favorites are Twinkle Twinkle little star, Itsy Bitsy Spider, 5 little Monkeys Jumping on the bed, and 5 little duckling. We learn a lot of new rhymes at Story time and sing them at home. He loves them!

His favorite music CDs are Kids Gospel 1 2 and 3. We have one in his bedroom, one in the car, and the other one somewhere (it may be lost). He loves them and insists on listening to his music all the time!

I love this post! And congrats on still being TV-free. I’m so glad to hear that your kiddos are entertained by music. I hope in another year or so, ours still will be, too.

Our girls’ favorite songs / rhymes right now are “I’m a Little Teapot” and “The Itsy Bitsy Spider”. We love these because there are accompanying motions. At almost 16 months old, the girls don’t yet have the coordination to really play along, but – in the case of “Teapot” – they will “groove” to the song while I act it out. They know a couple of baby signs as part of “Spider”.

We sing all.the.time. around here. I just hope I’m instilling in them my love of music…and not my lack of talent!

I try to listen to a wide variety of music with the girls, from rock, to jazz, to blues, to classical, to big band. Our favorite children’s CD by far is “Children’s Songs, A Collection of Childhood Favorites”, sung by Susie Tallman. It has 38 mostly “standard” kiddy songs, and the artist is very talented. She does a great job of staying true to the classic nature of most of the songs, in a way that’s really pleasant, even for adults (read: not too annoying!).

Here’s the link:

I have bought several copies as baby gifts. One of these days I’ll check out some of Susie’s other CDs.

I know it isn’t really a nursery ryhme but my daughter has always liked wheels on the bus…even as a baby it would calm her down

my daughter likes all the raffi cds

My favorite nursery rhymes are “Hickory Dickory Dock” and “Old Mother Hubbard.”

My sons favorite was the itsy bitty spider.

We love ‘em all. My daughter just did a great rendition of the ABC song, Humpty Dumpty, and Little Miss Muffet that’s on YouTube… :) Twinkle Twinkle and Itsy Bitsy Spider are way cool, too!

janemaritz at yahoo dot com

I teach kindergarten. Sadly, most of my children do not know any nursery rhymes when they enter my classroom. We learn one a week all year long.

My favorite is Mary Had a Little Lamb. We learn the whole thing – not just the first verse!


In my classroom, I use Dr. Jean, Greg and Steve, Laurie Berkner, Earthworm Ensemble and many more. I have an Ipod just for kiddy music! LOL


My favorite is Mary Quite Contrary.

I love the old Kid’s Praise Cd’s with Psalty the Singing Songbook.

If we are singing my grandson loves Little Red Caboose.
He likes Jack & Jill – or at least part of it. Whenever we walk up or down the stairs he always says “up the stairs. up the stairs. Up the stairs” or “Down the staris”.

susan56bft at gmail dot com

I have a CD in my car that I picked up somewhere for a dollar. It has about 27 nursery rhymes. The kids love it when we are in the car. If that isn’t on we are listening to jazz CD’s. They seem to like Nat King Cole and Diana Krall the best.

susan56bft at gmail dot com

3 May 2010, 12:14am
by Linda Kish

When my son was little we listened to Raffi all of the time.

lkish77123 at gmail dot com

3 May 2010, 2:51am
by Ashley

My son LOVES the Itsy Bitsy Spider. He’s 16 months old now, and trys to do all the hand motions. So cute.

3 May 2010, 2:52am
by Ashley

The CD that is currently in my car is an Elmo one of some sort from the library. Some Sesame Street classics, but all sung by Elmo! He loves it.

ashleyreynolds1 at hotmail dot com

Twinkle ot Humpty?
He loves Putumayo’s Dreamland

My son likes to sing “Down By the Station.” My daughter likes “Pussycat, pussycat, where have you been”

As far as artists/CDs we love Laurie Berkner, Peter Yarrow’s songbook series, Milkshake, Susie Tallman, Francis England, Dan Zanes and They Might Be Giants.

Little Miss Muffet

My youngest daughter’s favorite nursery rhyme is currently “Hey Diddle Diddle” because it goes with her favorite book “Goodnight Moon”

OMG…I really need to try and get Jenson’s “patty cake” interpretive dance on video!! It is great!


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